Get Your Daily Serving of Fruit

Order one of our all-natural smoothies in Acushnet, MA

In the mood for something sweet and refreshing? Acushnet Café features a variety of all-natural smoothies for you to enjoy. No matter what flavor you order, you're sure to love what you get. Our smoothies feature only organic ingredients with zero preservatives.

Our smoothies are available in flavors like:

  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Wildberry
  • Strawberry banana
  • Pina colada

Feel free to customize your fruit smoothie by requesting a scoop of:
  • Protein (for muscles)
  • Matcha (for energy)
  • Whipping cream (for a delicious flavor)

  • Stop by our shop in Acushnet, MA today to try an all-natural smoothie.


    Hard day at work? Reward yourself with bubble tea!

    Our Bubble Teas come in two delicious flavors; Sweet Berry Bubble Tea and Sweet Ginger Peach Bubble Tea. Both of our Bubble Teas come with sweet, bursting Bubble Pearls (Popping Bobas)found at the bottom of your Tea, which bring a pop of fruity, sweet and fresh flavor to your Bubble Tea and taste delicious.

    What are popping bobas/bubble pearls?

      Bubble Pearls or Popping Bobas are small, thin-gel textured pearls, filled with fruit juice, that 'POP' when bitten into

    Our bubble tea flavors
      Sweet Berry Bubble Tea - Hibiscus, Strawberry & Raspberry with Berry popping Bubble Pearls

      Sweet Ginger Peach Bubble Tea - Ginger, Peach & Mango with Peach popping Bubble Pearls

    Visit our bubble tea shop in Acushnet, MA now for an afternoon pick-me-up.